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    Packard Packard Bell is Undeservedly reduced. It is often confused with a consonant and much more famous American manufacturer. In turn, this company produces very good image laptops for various categories of users. In Minsk, the s-Mart workshop is one of the few, the Packard Packard Bell. At a professional level, quickly and with a guarantee for the work performed, we will eliminate all malfunctions. You can ask all your questions before contacting us. However, the reliable cause of the failure can only be established after a comprehensive diagnosis.< / p>

    Packard Packard Bell in Belarus

    despite its long history, laptops of this brand are Quite new and not so common on our market. This is largely why the number of services that can help you quickly and at an inexpensive price is not so large. A consequence of recourse to the repair shop can be a variety of reasons. One of them is careless handling of equipment. So, liquid ingress, severe contamination of the cooling system, excessive loads for a long time can lead to the most unfortunate consequences. We are often contacted as a result of incorrect operation of the operating system or installed software. Malware and viruses are often the cause of failures. Packard Packard Bell easynote (and other models of the manufacturer) our masters are ready to perform both hardware and software recovery. First of all, we pay attention to the key nodes. But at the same time, we do not forget about the so-called little things. Our experience and expertise are sufficient to solve all known problems: from fixing buttons on the keyboard to the most serious repairs.

    Services Provided

    the Full list of works is quite wide. Here are just some of the possible services in demand:

    • replacing the display backlight Board;
    • laptop cleaning (with replacement of thermal paste);
    • reinstalling the operating system (with the installation of the required programs);
    • installing a second file drive;
    • restoring the power supply;
    • RAM expansion;
    • Troubleshooting the display.

    Packard Packard Bell with your own hands. We remind you that a laptop is a technically complex device. A mobile computer is characterized by a large number of chips, if damaged, which will cause even more serious damage. Without proper experience and technical equipment, we do not recommend restoring your laptop on your own. It is much easier and faster to contact us for help.

    Why should you contact S-Mart?

    each client is guaranteed an individual approach and maximum attention to solving their problems Related to the performance of the laptop. Not all Minsk services successfully interact with the equipment of the still little-known brand mentioned in the description. We, in turn, have now successfully restored more than a dozen devices. Before starting any repair, a comprehensive diagnostics is carried out, the task of which is to accurately determine the faults and determine the optimal way to fix the device. Our prices for repairing a Packard bell laptop compare favorably with competitors. The price list for General types of work can be found on request before contacting the workshop. We do not delay the time, we try to fix the equipment as quickly as possible. The workshop is equipped with all the necessary equipment (both diagnostic and other types). Packard Packard Bell is Easy. To do this, you can make a request directly on the site or contact our Manager in any convenient way. Try to explain your problem in more detail. We will offer the most suitable solutions.


    Cost of repairing Packard bell laptops

    Type of repairThe cost of repairing a Packard bell laptopTermGuarantee
    Packard (fault Testing) Packard Packard Bellfreefrom 1 hour
    Packard/Packard Packard Bell20 Bel. RUB.from 1 hour
    Packard/Packard Packard Bell40 Bel. RUB.from 2 hours
    Packard/Packard Packard Bell40 Bel. RUB.from 2 hours
    Packard/Packard Packard Bell60 Bel. RUB.from 3 hours
    Packard Packard Bellfrom 10 Bel. RUB.from 1 hour
    Packard Packard Bellfrom 30 Bel. RUB.from 2 hours
    replacing the 13″ (inch) Packard Packard Bell matrixfrom 160 Bel. RUB.from 1 day4 months
    replacing the 15″ (inch) Packard Packard Bell matrixfrom 120 Bel. RUB.from 1 day4 months
    replacing the 17″ (inch) Packard Packard Bell matrixfrom 140 Bel. RUB.from 1 day4 months
    HDD HDD (the Amount depends on the volume of the drive) Packard Packard Bellfrom 120 Bel. RUB.from 1 day4 months
    SSD SSD (the Amount depends on the size of the drive) Packard Packard Bellfrom 160 Bel. RUB.from 1 day4 months
    Replacing the keyboard of Packard bell laptops40 Bel. RUB.from 3 hours4 months
    Packard (Exact cost after diagnostics) Packard Packard Bellfrom 160 Bel. RUB.from 2 days4 months
    Packard / Packard (Cost depends on the video chip model) Packard Packard Bellfrom 320 Bel. RUB.from 2 days4 months
    Packard / Packard (Check with the administrator) Packard Packard Bellfrom 50 Bel. RUB.from 2 days4 months
    Repair of a laptop charger Packard bellfrom 30 Bel. RUB.up to 1 day4 months
    Packard Packard Bellfrom 65 Bel. RUB.up to 1 day4 months
    Packard (Russian letters) Packard Packard Bell30 Bel. RUB.from 3 hours
    Replacing the battery of Packard bell laptopsfrom 80 Bel. RUB.up to 1 day4 months
    Common hardware failure on notebooks

    Keyboard and touchpad

    Keypad repair, replacement touchpad, clean the casing and the touch panel.

    Сomputer help

    Install and configure Windows, virus removal, Internet connection.

    Body parts

    Change the hinges of the screen, frame and back cover of the screen of the front panel.


    Repair of bridges of the chipset, controller, power and charge.

    Modernization and acceleration

    The increase in hard disk capacity and RAM, replacing CPU.

    The laptop is not power on

    Neispravnosti to quickly define and perform emergency repairs with a 100% guarantee.

    Connectors and interfaces

    Diagnosis and replacement of power connectors, USB, LAN, COM, Card Reader, motherboard repair.

    Repairs after flooding

    Laptop repair after the flooding water, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages.

    Cooling system

    Repair, replacement and cleaning of the cooling system, propane thermotropic.

    Power system and charge

    Laptop not charging or runs out quickly? Fix it quickly and inexpensively!

    Cleaning the notebook

    Cleaning the notebook from dust and dirt, clean cooling system of laptop.

    The screen matrix

    Repair and replacement of matrix, backlight lamp, inverter power at home.

    Spare parts from official dealers

    During the repair we use only original and high-quality spare parts

    Fast service

    We carry out 90% of repairs on the day of treatment, the remaining 10% within 3 days, depending on the complexity of the repair.

    Individual solution to your problem

    There is no time or opportunity to come to the service - call the courier. He will pick up the device for repair and bring it back.

    Modern technical equipment

    In our service center for laptop repair only modern state-of-the-art equipment and specialized tools are used.

    Warranty for repairs of 4 months

    We provide a guarantee for all our services from 4 months. We constantly monitor the quality of repairs.

    Payment convenient for you

    Cash, credit card, installment cards, cashless payments for legal entities.

    Pay as you like, even in installments

    • Cash settlement
    • Bank transfer with Visa, MasterCard, Belkart cards
    • Bank transfer for legal entities

    For the convenience of customers, our service center uses popular types of payment: Halva installment cards, Shopping card, SMART KARTA, MAGNET.

    No time to bring the device for repair?
    Order free delivery to the service center

    For the convenience of our customers, we provide free courier delivery within the Minsk Ring Road. You can find out more about the delivery terms at the link

    Feedback on our work

    You can read more reviews or leave your own at the links:

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    How to repair your device

    You bring your device to our service center or order delivery by courier

    We make free diagnostics and tell you the cost and terms of repair

    Our specialists make repairs and immediately inform you about the results as soon as possible.

    You pay and pick up the repaired device or you can order delivery by courier

    You bring your device to our service center or order delivery by courier

    We make free diagnostics and tell you the cost and terms of repair

    Our specialists make repairs and immediately inform you about the results as soon as possible.

    You pay and pick up the repaired device or you can order delivery by courier

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